Hey loves.. ! How have you been ?? Well, summertime is here, the days are getting warmer and warmer and women are searching for the most suitable dress for hot summer nights.

When you want to be trendy, yet comfortable, it is only the long maxi dress that apply. To make the warm summer evening successful, you must select this must-have dress that fits all regardless of figure or length

If the summer season is giving you a tough fight against sun burn, then you give it much more tough fight with gorgeous long maxi dresses, you will not even bother about the killing sun heat and enjoy in your own world.

Adding long necklaces or cuffing or revealing an armful of bangles will make a difference in how accessorizing will change the look as well.

The long flowing maxi dresses look great in a burst of floral patterns, artistic geometrics, solid white cotton or black and white graphics. Mostly delicate fabrics make the best maxi outfits. You can choose from satins, chiffons, silk, georgette, and crepe to make lovely maxi gowns.

Here I am going with the trend as well, wearing this beautiful yet amazing maxi dress and also added some feather touch to it with blue popup. !! Hope you all like this look..



  1. Dress & Neckpiece- thegirlscloset92 (Instagram)
  2. Bag- thejunkonline (Instagram)
  3. Black Brallette- amorecoutureofficial (Instagram)




DSC_0237 (2).JPG



Hope you all love this..

Until next time.

Love to all !!




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